Back to basics: Cybersecurity starts at the service desk


Back to basics: Cybersecurity starts at the service desk

The digital revolution has dramatically increased the efficiency of government services. Citizens now schedule bills, pay traffic tickets and file their taxes online. However, modernization also potentially exposes cities and their residents to new vulnerabilities.

Cyber criminals covet sensitive data and personally identifiable information. The combination of confidential data and an unstable mix of emerging technologies and legacy digital infrastructures creates the perfect storm for ransomware hackers and denial-of-service attacks.

While cybersecurity in government organizations is an important internal concern, the sensitive data they store also makes it a matter of public safety. That’s why agencies are doing their best to mitigate risk by investing in top-of-the-line cybersecurity technology. In fact, the 2019 federal  cybersecurity budget is a proposed $15 billion, more than a 4% increase from the

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