Four Elements Of An Effective Cybersecurity Platform For Small Business Owners

Has your small or midsize business finally decided to bite the bullet on cybersecurity preparedness by adopting software to protect the firm’s sensitive information? If so, the key task for you now is to determine whether these new cybersecurity protections are, in fact, working. After all, data breaches do not hit the same firm every day, and you probably have many other things to do in lieu of becoming a part-time IT expert.

As the co-founder of a firm that provides cybersecurity software to financial firms, I can tell you that it’s important to have cybersecurity tools and protocols that can be trusted to counter preventable attacks and mistakes, as well as execute proper and timely incident response for unpreventable data breaches.

In practical, concrete terms, these are four items that can drive the effectiveness of a cybersecurity platform for your company:

1. Impartial Risk Assessment

Good technology conducts an ongoing impartial assessment

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