2019 ‘Cybersecurity Almanac: 100 Facts, Figures, Predictions and Statistics’


IN essence, the Almanac provides a stunning narration and exposition of events in cost far greater than the 2008 New York Times best-selling book, The Three Trillion Dollar, which was the cost of war in the Iraq conflict written by Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes, an expert on government finance, of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, published and copyrighted by Norton paperback in 2008.

Amazon, one of the world’s
largest publishing houses based in Seattle, USA, and the publisher of six of my
nonfiction books—Breakaway, Greed Betrayal, Power Grab, A Country
Imperiled, Imelda
and The Marcos Legacy—also carried
Stiglitz’s and Bilmes’s book on its list.

Women in cyber security

CISCO’s John Stewart, senior vice president,
and chief security and trust officer, said in 2018 RSA Conference that
Women in CyberSecurity and Girls Who Code are examples of groups that are... read more at: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2019/04/16/2019-cybersecurity-almanac-100-facts-figures-predictions-and-statistics-6/