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Hardiman, a man-augmentation system built for the Navy, had thirty powered joints and could lift its own weight plus 1,500 pounds. The exoskeleton prototype mimicked natural human emotions and provided “feel” through touch sensors. Work was cancelled in 1971. Photo from “Rise of the Machines: A Cybernetic History” by Thomas Rid. Copyright ©2016 by Thomas Rid. With permission of the publisher, W. W. Norton Company, Inc. All rights reserved.
MISCI — Museum of Innovation and Science

It’s becoming increasingly unlikely a week will go by without news of a cyber hack. 

It could be the social media account of a celebrity, private emails between Democratic National Committee members, or most recently, the NSA.

There’s a long and fascinating history here, behind how we got from the early days of cybernetics with sci-fi-like man-machine mashups, to autonomous machines in the workplace, to the cyber warfare of today.

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