Cyber Madness Photos & Takeaways: Honeypots, Espionage Plots & More

There are many front lines in the battle to secure cyberspace for any given business: hackers, nation states, corporate espionage, supply chain security, AI-powered cyber tools, and ratcheting-up risks with the Internet of Things.

All these facets—together with the tech companies carving a path through the dangers to take control in the ever-shifting state of play—were the focus of Xconomy’s Cyber Madness forum held in Boston last week. Big thanks to EY, our host, for providing a fantastic space with stunning views, and top-notch support.

And special thanks to Keith Patankar of Patankar Photography Design for taking photos. Be sure to view the slideshow of them above.

The half-day conference, held April 8, broke open a range of case studies in security to help professionals get their arms around today’s challenges and tomorrow’s innovations in the sector.

“Try to get hacked in order

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