High-tech Cold War – Martin Scicluna

The geopolitical row between the United States and China is the great schism of our times. For Cold War warriors such as me, there is something very familiar about the current geopolitical mood. Western concern with the enemy’s new weaponry, its readiness to rewrite the very idea of deterrence and challenge the world order, the gripping fascination of the arms race.

Then, it was the Soviet Union and inter-continental ballistic missiles. Today, it’s China and its ambitions to become a cyber superpower.

There is deep uncertainty in the West about dealing with a country, China, that seems to embody a marriage between Big Brother and Big Tech. The initial fear that Trump would ratchet up the trade dispute with Xi Jinping has not gone away.

There is still a possibility that the 10 per cent tariff imposed on $200 billion worth of Chinese steel and aluminium will remain even after a trade deal

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