Ahok, Sandiaga’s teams claim to be victims of ‘cyberwar’

The campaign teams of both Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama and Gerindra Party gubernatorial candidate Sandiaga Uno claim that they have identified certain online commentators who frequently make offensive comments about their respective candidates.

However, they denied they had hired people to comment positively on their candidates and negatively on their rivals on social media platforms or online news portals.

Wibi Andrino, the social media and public opinion coordinator of Ahok’s campaign team, said his team had a media monitoring section. “We have noted certain buzzers, who frequently write negative statements about Ahok,” Wibi told The Jakarta Post.

Wibi said they did not hire commentators to discredit Ahok’s political rivals, but that the team focused on disseminating Ahok’s programs among the public.

Meanwhile, Anthony Leong, coordinator of Sandi Uno Digital Volunteer (SOLDIER), Sandiaga’s volunteer team, also denied that his team used buzzers to make offensive comments against political rivals.

The team will focus on absorbing

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