Sophos Cyber Threat Report: Sophos 2019 Threat Report & Cybersecurity Trends

Targeted cyberattacks are becoming increasingly popular with cybercriminals. Previously, they relied on less lucrative, automated spray-and-pray attacks to evade internal security measures. But today, cybercriminals are turning to targeted ransomware attacks, according to the SophosLabs 2019 Threat Report.

“The reason that these types of attacks are so effective is because there is actually a human behind these attacks as opposed to an automated system or a bot,” says John Shier, senior security advisory at Sophos.

Unlike automated systems or bots, humans can circumvent any roadblocks in their way. Then, they can either turn off security technologies already put in place or use the system admin tools to invade a customer’s environment. “These tools are on the systems for a reason,” says Shier. “They are useful and powerful and making the cybercriminal’s job a lot easier when they’re rummaging around a system.”

And, due to the

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