Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: This is the biggest problem with cybersecurity research


Unrecognizable computer hacker commits a cyber attack using his laptop computer in home office or business office. (iStock)

Want to know the most effective ways businesses defend themselves against hacking? Good luck.

There’s a mountain of marketing material about that and other cybersecurity topics, but a dearth of high-quality, vetted data that researchers can use to draw their own conclusions, cybersecurity academic Tyler Moore tells me.

That’s because most cybersecurity research relies on data from companies about hacking attempts against their clients — and the companies are wary of sharing that data too broadly because of privacy concerns.

But without more public raw data, researchers are only seeing a slice of the pie. And that makes it difficult to draw big-picture conclusions or to give definitive answers to even basic questions — such as where our greatest digital vulnerabilities are and which defensive measures are most

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