Think Cybersecurity Insurance Will Save You? Think Again.

By this point, we know that state-sponsored cyber attacks are a thing. Time and again, we see headlines to this effect, whether it’s election hacking, IP theft, or mega-breaches. For your average consumer, it’s troubling. But for executives at organizations that are targeted, it’s a nightmare.

The accompanying PR headaches, customer churn, and
operational and reputation losses
are bad enough; but when big companies think they’re protected by cyber
insurance only to find out they aren’t, 
things go from bad to worse.

Are You Really Covered?

Indeed, per
the New York Times
, “Many
insurance companies sell cyber coverage, but the policies are often written
narrowly to cover costs related to the loss of customer data, such as helping a
company provide credit checks or cover legal bills.” In other words, many
organizations think that because

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