How To Boost Cyber Security with the Blockchain

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more intense. A host of new threats involving phishing, crypto jacking, IoT attacks, malware, SQL injection, artificial intelligence, and a lot more are a huge concern for anyone in the online world. Symantec reports that spam levels continue to increase significantly since 2015, and this trend is only shooting upwards. The use of malicious PowerShell scripts has also increased by a whopping 1000% in 2018.

While hackers are becoming better at their job, it is refreshing to learn that combating techniques are also improving. Today, you can protect your data by backing it up with reputable firms like This allows you to recover important documents anytime you are hit by malicious data loss on your end. Another option available to boost cybersecurity is the blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain all about?

Blockchain is an almost impenetrable technology that is still relatively new. The blockchains are distributed networks

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