What the Prevalence of Threats in SMB Networks Means for MSSPs

For far too long, many leaders of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have believed their organizations weren’t likely to be targeted by cyberattacks. Thinking their business profiles too low, their structures too simple or their profits too small, these leaders have historically underestimated their risk.

This risk is compounded as these organizations have also found themselves limited by budget constraints, and have struggled to attract and retain skilled and experienced employees in the face of today’s acute shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

The SMB Threat Landscape

Today’s attackers are increasingly sophisticated, professionalized and motivated by the desire for financial gain. They are well aware that many SMBs maintain less robust security postures than their enterprise-level counterparts, though storing sensitive personal and financial data that can be exploited just as readily as that taken from larger organizations.

Recent research indicates that SMBs today are in fact being affected by

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