Why Are Businesses Struggling to Fill Cybersecurity Vacancies?

If you were to ask CIOs and CSOs which positions they have most difficulty filling, they wouldn’t respond with network engineer, system administrator, or developer. Instead, it is cybersecurity professionals and executives with cybersecurity expertise who are the hardest to hire.

There are two main reasons businesses struggle to fill cybersecurity vacancies. The first reason is a lack of qualified professionals. As a professional field, cybersecurity is still young and it lacks the extensive education and professionalization pipeline that fields such as software development rely on. The second reason is an expanding cybercrime economy: online crime is lucrative and businesses have woken up to the risk of data theft in recent years. Many more businesses are trying to hire cybersecurity professionals and executives from a pool which is not growing quickly enough to meet demand.

According to a recent study from (ISC)², the global cybersecurity skills shortfall stands at 2 million. Around

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