Aggressive Initiative to Shore Up Cybersecurity in Arkansas

Arkansas will soon launch an ambitious initiative to bolster the state’s cybersecurity stance, while developing a scalable defense model that others can use in the future.  

Senate Bill 632, recently signed into law by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, authorizes the state’s Economic Development Commission (AEDC) to create a Cyber Initiative. This initiative will be responsible for working to mitigate the cyber-risks to Arkansas; increasing education relative to threats and defense; providing the public and private sectors with threat assessments and other intelligence; and fostering growth and development around tech, IT and defense. 

The initiative will also create a “cyber alliance” made up of partnerships with a variety of insitutitions like “universities, colleges, government agencies and the private business sector,” all of which will work in a unified fashion toward realizing the initiative’s priorities. 

The bill also gives the program a potentially extensive financing framework, establishing a special fund that will consist of all money appropriated

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