Britain helped 16 Nato countries tackle Russia cyber threat, says Hunt

Britain has helped 16 Nato countries counter malicious “Russian cyber activities” in the past year and a half, the Foreign Secretary will announce.

Jeremy Hunt is expected to challenge members of the international alliance to clamp down on Russia’s “global campaign” to influence elections and target infrastructure.

Countries outside of Nato have also been informed about Russian cyber threats by the National Cyber Security Centre, which was set up in October 2016, he will say.

In a speech on Thursday to Nato ambassadors and the secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, Mr Hunt will add: “We judge that Russia’s intelligence services are targeting the critical national infrastructure of many countries in order to look for vulnerabilities.

“This global campaign also seeks to compromise central government networks.

“I can disclose that in the last 18 months, the National Cyber Security Centre has shared information and assessments with 16 Nato allies – and even more nations outside the Alliance –

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