The top skills needed to excel in cybersecurity

Machines and wireless networks are now an integral part of our lives. Everything from financial transactions to professional networking and business documents are technologically linked to helping us interact more effectively. However, when these lines of communication are compromised, it can have far-reaching effects on individual organisations and governments alike.

As our reliance on technology has increased, so has the incidence of cybersecurity threats and breaches. Some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, banks and data companies have all been victims of cybercrime, not to mention foreign governments and major international media outlets. These instances have cost victims of cybersecurity breaches dearly, from losses of revenue and private information to degradation of trust and public opinion.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have qualified cybersecurity experts on your team. Those properly equipped with the right skills are able to reduce the cybercrime rate, protect information and make our technological world more

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