Government No Longer Has to Choose Between Cybersecurity and Productivity

It’s one of the oldest and trickiest balancing acts that government CIOs face: how to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity without sacrificing end- user productivity. For years, organizations have struggled to weigh the benefits of adding security controls to combat cyber attacks versus the downfalls of making it more difficult for government workers and IT admins to do their jobs.

Fortunately, new technology options eliminate some of these tradeoffs. Leading cloud-based business automation applications like G Suite embed critical security capabilities into their core platform.

“The result is government workers get the latest productivity-boosting innovations while the IT department shores up security and reduces the management overhead necessary to protect operations,” says Gary Danoff, head of G Suite strategy and operations for the public sector at Google Cloud.

Conflicting Priorities

This couldn’t come at a better time for government IT executives who understand the challenge of balancing security and productivity. For example,

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