Philly courts refuse to name security firm hired to fix infected systems

In a move experts call highly unusual, Philadelphia officials are refusing to name the cybersecurity firm the city has contracted to help clean up the court system’s shuttered websites.

It’s now been over three weeks since a virus infected an unknown number of computers in the First Judicial District, causing a blackout for the court’s critical online e-filing and docketing services. Officials have cited security concerns as a reason to withhold details about both the virus and the remediation efforts.

But declining to name a publicly funded contractor has raised eyebrows. So far, the court has described the unnamed vendor as a firm “specializing in cyber security to assist in getting impacted operations restored safely.”

Courts spokesperson Marty O’Rourke has declined repeated requests for the name of the vendor — as well as the amount the city is paying for these services.

“Cyber security experts have advised the Courts

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