Another Voice: Digital Fair Repair law would benefit N.Y. consumers

By Kevin Purdy

When your car’s “check engine” light turns on, you don’t have to drive your car to the dealership. Car manufacturers would love that, but thanks to existing right-to-repair laws, you can bring your car to your trusted local repair shop to find out what’s wrong at a competitive price.

It’s time for similar laws to create a level playing field for repairing electronics, farm equipment and other devices. The New York State Legislature is considering such a law in its final session.

A Digital Fair Repair law could help people get more use from products they purchased. The law would create and sustain jobs for skilled repair technicians. And it would drive price competition for repairing heavy equipment, phones and everything in between.

Right now, farmers in Western New York don’t have the benefit of a “check engine” light. Modern John Deere tractors have many electronic parts that measure and track

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