"Chinese" Cyber Spies Targeting Belt And Road Initiative Players: Report


A Chinese cyber espionage group is believed to be targeting key countries for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, reveals a report by FireEye, an American cybersecurity company.

“APT40 (Periscope) is a Chinese cyberespionage group that typically targets countries strategically important to China’s “Belt and Road Initiative.” Target countries are concentrated in Southeast Asia or are host to global entities involved in maritime issues, such as shipping or naval technology,” a report issued by the company, titled “M-Trends 2019” said.

FireEye says that its researchers had concluded with “high confidence” that it was part of China’s online spying operations.

It said the group’s activities dated back to at least January 2013 and its victims included “maritime targets, defence, aviation, chemicals, research/education, government and technology organisations”.

“We assess with high confidence that APT40 is attributable to Chinese cyber espionage operators based on a variety of factors. APT40 has used Internet Protocol (IP) addresses located in

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