Joe Biden says China’s thefts of US technology have increased on Donald Trump’s watch

Joe Biden has made attacking Donald Trump a key part of his 2020 campaign, arguing that Trump has squandered the achievements of the Barack Obama administration.

One mention referred to China stealing U.S. technology.

“In the Obama-Biden administration,” Biden said, “we got China to cut cyber-theft — it’s gotten significantly worse under this administration.”

There is evidence the Chinese government reduced its technology thefts from U.S. companies after an agreement struck by the Obama administration in 2015.

Other factors also led to the reduction, and it’s not clear why the thefts have increased under Trump.

For years, the Chinese government broke into the computer systems of American companies, military contractors and government agencies to obtain designs, technology and corporate secrets, usually on behalf of China’s state-owned firms.

For example, we rated Mostly True a claim that the Chinese stole an estimated $360 billion in intellectual property from

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