The Biggest Problem In Cyber Security Right Now

CNBC Cyber Security Reporter and author of the new book, “Kingdom of Lies”, Kate Fazzini joined episode #87 of Task Force 7 Radio once again to talk with host George Rettas, president and CEO of Task Force 7 Radio and Task Force 7 Technologies, about the biggest problems facing corporate cyber security teams today.

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Fazzini also provided her opinion on why government agencies are struggling with cyber security, how we need to better train our workforce to defend against attacks, and what are some of the biggest mistakes cyber security companies make with their marketing efforts. Fazzini lets the audience know what inspired her to write her new book, whether or not cyber security conferences are still a valuable training tool, and what we should do to attract more women into the cyber security workforce.

Diving Into The Biggest Corporate Problem

Rettas dove right

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