3 Cybersecurity Companies That Don’t Trust "Trust but Verify"

Gone are the days of “Trust but Verify,” the framework made obsolete by an increasingly-malicious digital threatscape, says cloud columnist Louis Columbus in this Forbes article. Now, he says, it’s all about “Zero Trust Security,” something that emphasizes a “never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege” approach to cybersecurity.

In his article, Columbus exemplifies ten cybersecurity companies which he says are driving the “highest level of investment [in Zero Trust-related practices] this industry has ever seen.”

We highlight three of those companies below:

Blackberry Artifical Intelligence/Predictive Security

Blackberry — for those of you who only recall the company from using Palm Pilots — is now finding footing in the enterprise cybersecurity space.

After buying Cylance, Blackberry brought AI and machine learning into their platform, which uses AI and machine learning to secure “the entire attack surface” of an organization with automated detection and response and separates true threats

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