Why poor visibility is hampering cybersecurity

Enterprises are challenged with security basics, according to Panaseer’s first Security Leader’s Peer Report.

Data from an external survey of 200 enterprise security leaders, conducted by Censuswide, reveals concerns on visibility and access to trusted data, leaving organizations open to attack. Fuelling this issue is an inability to receive timely visibility across a multitude of installed security technologies.

The vast majority (89%) of security leaders at large enterprises are struggling with visibility and insight into trusted data. Nearly a third (31%) are concerned that a lack of visibility will impact their ability to adhere to regulations.

Complex and fragmented IT environments have compounded the visibility challenges for security teams. These issues are being exacerbated by the sheer number of security tools in use. On average, enterprise security teams are grappling to manage an average of 57.1 discreet security tools.

Over a quarter of respondents (26.5%) claimed to be running 76+

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