Urgent need for rules-based order in the cyber domain, which will be more contested: Ng Eng Hen

SINGAPORE – Militaries are being reshaped by the threats and opportunities in the cyber domain, but with rules of engagement still vague in this new battlefront, there is an urgent need for a rules-based order, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen on Wednesday (June 26).

This rules-based order is needed to prevent serious disruptions and even the loss of lives, and to protect the functioning of society, especially when the cyber arena will become more contested, he added.

Speaking at the opening dinner of the second Singapore Defence Technology Summit at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dr Ng highlighted the cyber threat as among the newer, non-conventional ones that militaries around the world need to be prepared for, in addition to their traditional missions to protect sovereignty.

He said that, compared to a year ago when he spoke at the first summit, the technological space has become sharply contested, driven in part by US-China tensions.


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