Cybersecurity firm offers $1.5 million for iPhone exploits

Apple launched its own bounty program back in August, promising to reward researchers with up to $200,000 in cash. That’s far from the $1.5 million Zerodium offers, but as Ars Technica notes, the firm has more demands than a corporation-run program. It will only pay that much for an exploit that’s guaranteed to give attackers complete control over the device they’re targeting. The programs are also after different types of vulnerabilities.

As for why Zerodium decided to triple its bounty, company founder Chaouki Bekrar told Ars that it’s merely a response to how secure the latest versions of mobile platforms like iOS and Android are. And the reward for iOS exploits is a whole lot more than the $200,000 it’s offering for Android hacks either because it’s harder to crack iOS 10 than Android 7 or because the demand is higher. “The reality is a mix of both,” he

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