HITRUST begins sharing cyber threats with Homeland Security …

HITRUST, a consortium of stakeholders collaborating to better secure protected health information, is the first healthcare cyber threat-sharing information organization to connect with the federal government’s cyber threat sharing program.

The federal program, launched earlier this year, is the Automated Indicator Sharing Program of the Department of Homeland Security, designed to collect and disseminate cyber threat information.

The DHS program enables electronic exchange of cyber threat indicators across private sector industries, and HITRUST is the first healthcare organization to link with the feds to receive and submit threat information, says CEO Daniel Nutkis.

“It was a lot of work; a lot of integration and setting up policies,” he recalls. But now, HITRUST can send out or receive information within minutes, and so can its members. So far, the volume is low but will ramp up over time.

HITRUST offers a basic free threat-sharing platform and also has a proprietary subscription-based platform for

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