ZTE launches Brussels cybersecurity lab as a transparency play

ZTE has launched a cybersecurity lab in Brussels in a bid to improve its transparency and alleviate concerns surrounding its telco equipment. 

The new lab, called Cybersecurity Lab Europe, was set up on Wednesday in Brussels to allow the company to gain better access to external security verification for its products and services such as its 5G equipment.

According to ZTE, the lab’s main purpose will be to allow regulators and potential clients to review ZTE’s source code and documents, and perform black box and penetration testing.

In addition, the lab will conduct in-depth research into security and the security used for its 5G equipment. The research will be conducted in partnership with “industry-leading security organisations”, ZTE said.

The erection of a cybersecurity lab in Brussels follows the company building two other cybersecurity labs in Nanjing and Rome in May.
“ZTE’s original intention of the Cybersecurity Lab Europe

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