We are on track to modernize and secure Washington’s election system by 2020

As the state’s chief election official, I have seen the national awareness of election cybersecurity increase dramatically since 2016. My colleagues across the country watch in dismay as politically motivated leaders casually erode public confidence for partisan gain. We see continuous half-truths and mischaracterizations of our cyber readiness headlined across the political fields and news-media outlets.

Here in our state, I am proud to tell you Washington election officials are on the leading edge of modernizing and securing our state’s elections.

Our strength begins in county election offices. Each independently elected official and his or her staff ensure the use of transparent procedures, re-countable paper ballots, and tabulation systems that are never connected to the internet. This integrated methodology is a solid base for election security that would require a hacker to be physically on-site in order to gain access to the system. Additionally, each county election office has layers of

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