Joe Biden blasts Trump’s foreign policy as damaging to America’s reputation

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden on Thursday blasted US President Donald Trump’s foreign policy as erratic and extreme.

The former vice president said Mr Trump had damaged America’s “reputation and our place in the world and, I quite frankly believe, our ability to lead the world”.

Mr Trump has unsettled Washington’s allies by withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accord, the nuclear deal with Iran and a trans-Pacific trade agreement. He has also threatened to leave Nato.

For Mr Biden, 76, who served in the US Senate for 35 years, it was a much-needed return to firmer ground after weeks of having to defend his civil rights record following debates against other Democratic nominations for presidential candidacy.

Kamala Harris, a black senator from California, attacked him in last month’s debate over his past opposition to forced busing to integrate schools and his remarks while in the Senate more than 40 years ago about

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