Preventing war between the U.S. and Iran is opportunity for the UK

The United States’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the wave of sanctions applied by the Trump administration on Iran’s lagging economy and constant anti-American, threatening rhetoric by Iranian high-ranking government officials have exacerbated the highly sensitive US-Iran relations.

The recent downing of a US drone by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the attacks on two oil tankers near the Gulf of Oman, which prompted the US Navy to send the destroyer USS Bainbridge and the guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf to the area, have dragged these countries to the brink of war – and Iran and the US boast two of the most powerful militaries in the world.

As the drums of war rumble in the Strait of Hormuz, a cyberattack launched in June by the US Cyber Command on Iranian weapons systems is the latest retaliatory measure

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