Rising Demand from Consumers to Push Sales of Commercial Cyber Security Market

Commercial Cyber Security Market Overview

Cyber security has become an integral part of IT infrastructure. Business entities and individuals need security for their products and networks. Individuals need security to maintain privacy while businesses need it to fulfil corporate governance obligations. The inputs from individuals and business entities enable government organizations to chalk out rules and regulations that would strengthen and upgrade cyber security deployments. With increased cyber-attacks in the public as well as commercial sectors, companies have started investing in the commercial cyber security solutions.

Industries such as aerospace defence, retail, healthcare, public, and BFSI are heavily investing in the cyber security market. The lack of consistency in security measures is one of the main factors hindering the market growth. The rise in the cyber-attacks in industry verticals such as banking and healthcare is one of the key reasons for the growth of commercial cyber security market.

The rising dependence of

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