Vishwanath: The dangers of open cyberwarfare

Cyberwarfare suddenly went public late last month.

Multiple media outlets reported that President Donald Trump had authorized U.S. Cyber Command to conduct a cyberstrike on Iran. Obviously, this isn’t the first such attack by a nation, or even by the United States, on another – the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans have their digital fingerprints on all manner of attacks here, and the U.S. government recently reportedly conducted retaliatory attacks on Russia’s Internet Research Agency for disinformation campaigns during the 2016 presidential election. Iran, inarguably, makes for a deserving target: Iranian hackers were behind the 2016 incursion on the Bowman Avenue dam in New York and the massive ransomware attack that in March 2018 crippled all of Atlanta’s city government systems, and they were probably behind ransomware attacks on city government systems in Greenville, N.C., and Baltimore.

But this attack heralds a new age of internet warfare – a

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