Cybersecurity knowledge gap not uniform across sectors

Dive Brief:

  • Workers in finance know more than workers in other industries about cubersecurity, according to a report from Proofpoint. After analyzing more than 100 million answers to cybersecurity questions from employees in 16 industries, Proofpoint found that finance workers answered 80% of questions correctly. Transportation and education sector workers had the least knowledge among the various sectors, answering 24% of questions correctly on average, Proofpoint determined.
  • Proofpoint identified five top areas that employees lack knowledge in: identifying phishing threats, protecting data throughout its lifecycle, compliance-related cybersecurity directives, protecting mobile devices and information and using the internet safely.
  • Workers in communications excelled at answering these questions compared to workers in other departments, while customer service, facilities and security employees knew less about cybersecurity than other departments, according to the findings. 

Dive Insight:

Cyber threats continue to be a grave concern for businesses, and a majority of organizations report their own security culture isn’t where they want it

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