Guest Columnist: Rob Cheng: Hackers are getting good – Are local governments prepared?

Cyber threats are growing. In just the last six weeks alone cyber criminals have successfully infiltrated local governments in the city of Laredo, TX; city of Edcouch, TX; city of Riviera Beach, FL; city of Key Biscayne, FL; city of Lake City, FL; Fayette County, OH; city of Baltimore, MD; and Luzerne County, PA.

Our cyber enemies are getting good. Scarily good. And what’s even scarier – their recent successful attempts have left them hungrier for more.

How long before South Carolinian cities and counties become the next victim? Afterall, it wasn’t all that long ago that the Spartanburg County Library was hit with a cyber-attack, leaving their networks riddled with ransomware. As cyber threats grow and security measures continue to be lackluster, it is not a matter of if, but when we will be attacked again.

Now, the intention here is not for local governments to feel hopeless. Quite the opposite actually.

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