Fortinet’s cyberthreat report confirms hackers’ interest in the long game

Cybersecurity threats have evolved from “smash, grab and run” to “enter, turn off all alarms, hide in the basement, and stay awhile.”

That’s one of the conclusions that can be drawn from Fortinet’s Inc.’s latest “Threat Landscape Report,” a quarterly temperature reading produced by FortiGuard Labs of the most recent global cybersecurity threat activity. The report, released earlier this month, noted that threat activity increased 4% over the same period in 2018.

One of the trends that Fortinet reported was an increase in threats that turn off security controls and allow malware to remain dormant for a period of time, gathering intelligence and allowing it to strengthen attack capability. This was found in the Zegost malware, an infostealer exploit that stays under the radar by wiping out security, application, and system event logs.

“We’ve seen an uptick in Zegost activity,” said Tony Giandomenico (pictured), senior security strategist and researcher, FortiGuard

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