Hackers Target the North American Hotel Industry With a RAT

A malspam campaign was spotted by security researchers that was targeting the financial staff of multiple entities from the North American hotel industry, using malicious attachments to drop the NetWiredRC Remote Access Trojan (RAT) on unsuspecting victims.

Malspam (short for malicious or malware spam) is a type of spam email designed to deliver malware payloads via malicious URLs or infected attachment.

The spam emails sent by this malicious campaign’s operators attempt to trick the targeted hotel employees into opening an attachment disguised as an invoice detailing arrears in the form of outstanding bills with more information on the services and goods that haven’t yet been paid.

Security researches from Qihoo 360 Security Center found that the attachments are used to infect the victims’ computers with a NetWiredRC RAT which enables the attackers to gain unauthorized access and remotely control their victims’ computers, as well as steal information among a host of other things.

Malspam email sample

The RAT is

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