The Importance of Cyber-security in the world of Telecommunications

When it comes to cybersecurity the telecommunications sector is widely viewed as one of the most vulnerable to cyber security attacks.  According to a recent report from Efficient 43% of telecommunication organisations have suffered a DNS-malware based attack.  It was also found that on average, telecoms only applied 4 of the 11 critical patches recommend by the ISC in 2016, making them particularly susceptible to zero-day attacks.

The Big Cyber Security Risks:
With telecom companies having large customer bases, there are abundant opportunities for ‘malicious actors’ to gain unauthorized access to their data. Mobile devices, for instance, provide a huge area of vulnerability, as do home routers and unsecure mobile apps. The damages that could be caused by an attack by cyber criminals could potentially involve:

  • Credit Card and ID theft
  • Damage to websites
  • Loss of reputation

If an attack were to occur

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