Securing OT in the Energy and Utilities Sector

As infrastructures for energy and utility companies undergo digital transformation, they are increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals. Convergence-enabled cyberattacks—where criminals exploit traditionally isolated operational technology (OT) devices through their new connections to the IT network—may be motivated by the desire to hijack and demand ransom for services, steal trade secrets through industrial or national cyberespionage, or commit cyberterrorism or engage in cyberwarfare.

Fortinet Operational Technology Global Enablement Director Rick Peters

In September 2018, the U.S. Congressional Research Service reported on the cyber threat to the energy and utility sector, identifying specific vulnerabilities. Risks include vulnerabilities in Industrial Control System (ICS) networks, malware, the IoT, supply chain risk and human risks, such as falling for phishing attacks. Several strategies can address these risks:

Start with zero trust. Investigate and qualify every device and user to determine what resources they have access to,

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