Growing adoption of IoT devices pose huge security risk

Crimes of opportunity depend on vulnerabilities. Fast advances in technology and IoT create vulnerabilities.

You would be forgiven if you thought you were powerless to protect yourself against the shapeshifting, anywhere-in-the-globe virtual muggers who just invite themselves into your lives through your IoT devices repeatedly and relentlessly.

So what happens when it’s not your home you are protecting, but it’s your Government protecting your country. We take a look into IoT cyber attacks and what can be done about it.

Cyber criminals; why are they doing it and what do they want?


A study by Symantec (2019) found that the most likely reason for an organisation to experience a targeted attack was intelligence gathering, which is the motive for 96 percent of groups.

The rapid weaponization of vulnerable services has continued as attackers take advantage of everything from smart home sensors to smartphones, routers, and even Apple software to use as an attack surface.


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