What can we do about public-sector security breaches?


What can we do about public-sector security breaches?

Just as the sun comes up every morning, cybercriminals continually change their tactics to counter the latest defenses. This tactic was highlighted in the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, which described the changing face of cybersecurity threats. For public-sector organizations, one of the concerning findings is that 66% of breaches can now be attributed to cyber espionage, with hackers seeking to quietly gain access to exfiltrate data. For government agencies, this can be particularly concerning considering the high-value assets they must protect. It’s critical agency security teams learn to keep up with the evolving methods cybercriminals deploy.

Subtle is in

This year’s Verizon report paints a clear picture of cybercriminals taking a more subtle approach to accessing  high-value public-sector assets. Hackers don’t announce their presence anymore – as they did

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