Cybersecurity workshop comes for Rockford business owners

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — A new workshop comes to Rockford in the wake of the Rockford Public Schools security breach.

“Regardless of whether you’re in IT or security, or you’re a receptionist in your organization, everyone has a role to play in security,” Alpine Security COO Jana White.

With RPS still recovering from its ransomware attack, cyber security experts highlight how data breaches can hit anyone, anywhere.

“Every organization is at risk, whether it’s a school district, a non-profit organization or a manufacturer of any size. And so, we want to give these organizations those initial tools that they can use to identify where are the shortcomings in their plans,” said IMEC’s Emily Lee.

Alpine Security’s Jana White says a quick response to a hacking is critical, and in many cases once your information is compromised, the damage can’t be undone.

“It’s a human fallacy that many

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