Addressing cyber threats to operational technology in oil and gas

As a sector of critical importance, disabling energy-sector assets has a severe effect on a nation’s economy, denying access to basic services and impacting GDP. Governments around the world caution that the threat to infrastructure will worsen rather than lessen.

These attacks come to the fore as digital transformation programmes are rolled out across the region with the introduction of new technological tools to benefit the bottom line through enhanced efficiency and output. This has led to the convergence of both the data side of the business, traditionally the realm of IT, and the operational technology (OT) side, used to manage industrial control systems (ICS). As previously siloed systems are being meshed together, organisations are being exposed to new threats.

Ringfencing operational technology

Caught in the middle are the IT and security professionals tasked with securing these new intertwined systems in the face of compelling business arguments. However, they must remediate security threats

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