Australian military satellites vulnerable to cyber attack: ASPI

ASPI senior analyst Malcolm Davis said the ADF relied heavily on satellites and their loss would render it unable to fight in a joint and integrated manner or to take a modern, information-based approach to warfare.

“It would force us back to a more industrial level of warfare, where casualties are high, hostilities prolonged, and victory is anything but assured,” he said in an article on the ASPI The Strategist blog.

Dr Davis said a number of countries including Russia and China were developing counter-space capabilities including ground and space-based soft kill, including jamming and spoofing, laser dazzling and, most worryingly, cyber attack.

Countries like China and Russia, and even Iran and North Korea, were highly experienced in cyber warfare and directing such attacks against satellites was something they could do now and at relatively low cost, he said.

Non-state actors, including terrorist groups, could also strike at the heart of US and allied

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