The Digital Battleground of Cyberwarfare

As the US launches a cyberattack against Iranian weapons systems and escalates their infiltration of the Russian power grid in the same month, it’s clear a new chapter of warfare is well and truly underway. Fueled by the same complex mix of diplomatic breakdowns, economic sanctions and historical grievances as regular conflicts, cyberwarfare is the new threat facing developing nations.

The crisis faced by every technologically advanced state is highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2019 which ranked cyberattacks as the 5th global risk of our time. The US is certainly not alone in developing a cyberwarfare arsenal, as preemptive strikes, espionage and counter-attacks all require nations to develop cybersecurity defenses and demonstrate their clout.

Here, we know exactly what the digital battleground looks like, and the attempts nations can take to develop defenses against the latest

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