11 CISOs That Tweet All-Things Cyber Security

The nature of information security is to protect the organization, its brands, and its workforce from falling victim to cyber-attacks. This often comes with a lot of secrecy, such as not disclosing security strategies or the types of threat vectors getting past your defenses. However, every organization is being attacked. Traditional methods of keeping details “close to the vest” have given way to the benefits of community and information sharing.

The power of the internet and its ability to spread knowledge furthers this sense of community for those who are unable to physically meet and share experiences. Here are 11 practicing CISOs who contribute to that greater good on social media.

Justin Berman (@justinmberman)
Head of Security for Dropbox, Justin shares secure methods for application development. Promoting a platform that lives upon ease of access and sharing and has to remain secure is no easy feat.

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