Nordic countries deepen collaboration with Estonia-based cyber security operation

The Nordic countries are deepening their commitment to Nato’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence against a backdrop of an elevated level of threat from hostile actors in cyber space.

Leading Nordic technology groups, including Tieto and VTT, are also stepping up cyber security collaborations with the Tallinn, Estonia-based centre, which carries out training and exercises covering technology, strategy, operations and law.  

Nordic collaboration with the centre of excellence increased when Denmark and Norway, Nato member states, became so-called “sponsoring nations”. Finland and Sweden had earlier achieved contributing participant status in the Estonia-based organisation.

The defence centre’s roll-call of sponsoring member nations already includes Nato members France, Germany, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the US.

The increased Nordic participation consolidates the centre’s status as the largest of the 25 Nato-accredited centres of excellence. And its partner base is primed to expand further and assume a more diverse geographic

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