Raytheon Unveils Cyber Threat Detection System for Aircraft, Weapon Systems

Jeff Brody

Raytheon has developed a threat detection software designed to alert users to cyber vulnerabilities and prevent attacks to aircraft, satellite, missile and vehicular systems.

The Cyber Anomaly Detection System identifies anomalies in communication systems called “buses” which handle data transfers between remote terminals and components used in aircraft and ground vehicles, Raytheon said Thursday.

CADS alerts personnel of cyber vulnerabilities and enables them to isolate threats before they result in equipment failure, avionics system breaches, denial of service or tampered system information. The system-agnostic platform also works as a flight recorder to support system analysis activities and forensic investigations.

“When these jets and platforms were built, cybersecurity wasn’t even a consideration,” said Greg Fry, CADS product manager at Raytheon. “Now, everything is interconnected, and cyberattacks can be introduced

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