Telstra’s security chief says it is fighting a war on cyber terror

It also found that malware infections via ransomware or phishing attacks were on the rise.

But Mr Burgess said the threat of a cyber attack was not necessarily increasing, rather people and businesses were becoming more aware.

“More companies are aware of the issue, not just because the government has started talking about it, but because well known brands [such as Sony and Target in the US] have suffered significant breaches, so more boards are asking what their companies are doing about it,” he said.

“I don’t say the threat is increasing, but it is real and it is significant because of its pace and scale.”

Data breaches

The government is currently developing legislation that will make it mandatory for companies to notify affected individuals and the Privacy Commissioner in the event of a serious data security breach.

Submissions to the consultation process on the draft bill closed on Friday. Telstra is broadly supportive of

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