Enterprises continue to struggle to find cybersecurity talent, survey finds

As enterprises rapidly digitize more business processes with cloud computing, mobile, IoT, and data they are straining their ability to find the security talent they need to secure their systems.

According to the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2017 — a worldwide study conducted by PwC, CIO and CSO released this month – skilled cybersecurity professionals are hard to come by — and continue to make enterprise IT security all the more challenging. Many enterprises are attempting to close their skills gap by turning to managed security services. According to the survey, 62 percent of respondents use security service providers to operate and enhance their IT security programs.

“Depending on who you believe, the MSSP market is growing between 10% and 15% compound annual growth rate and it’s been near that range of growth for quite some time. So, not exploding but solid, steady growth – because of the factors

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